Mrs. LaRue

Dear Diary,                                                                                                                             October 15, 2009

One day i got sick ant tired of  Ike acting up all the time so I sent him to obedience school and told him to write me letters while he was there. So i got some letters from him and he was exaggerating so much about how the school wasn’t a school it was a prison and all the dogs were bad and that i shouldn’t be mad about him ruining my lama hair coat or him eating my chicken pie. He was also complaining about the cafeteria and the guards being really mean. One day he sent me a letter telling me he ran away and he had sent me a letter before that saying he was going to run away but i didn’t believe him. I was worried sick about Ike and I was really sad. So one day I was about to cross the street and forgot to look both ways and was about to get hit by a bus but Ike saved me so I made him some chicken pie and we had a celebration with every one in the neighbor hood .


Mrs. LaRue

One Day In A Zombie Attack

One day Sidney and Emily were at Emily’s house. They both were eating Mcdonald’s  happy meals and suddenly they heard sirens go off. They went to the window to see what was happening. They looked outside and saw zombies coming toward the house. They went to go get Emily’s parents but they were fast asleep so Sidney and Emily got their happy meals and opened the windows. They started to throw french fries and yogurt at the zombies. They got most of the zombies down but there were still some left. They didn’t know what to do. Sidney came up with an idea that they would throw their Mcdonalds toys at the zombies so they did that and all the zombies were down.

My Journey West

Dear Journal,

I just got to California and it was a long bumpy ride because i had to deal with sickness,hunger,thirst and hot and cold temperatures, but I finally made it to California and found some gold.A lot of people came to California because of the gold rush and the land rush. I am living in a log cabin right now and it’s really nice. I have to watch out for stampedes though. There reservations here also. Oh yes the gold it was pretty hard to find,I kept digging and digging for many hours but I finally found it but I don’t know what i’m going to do with it I might sell it or keep it i don’t know yet.



Patriot Poem

                           He did fight in the French and Indian war

                              He also led the green Mountain Boys

                                        He was caputred by British

                                                    Born in 1738

Ethan Allen

           He was parolled

Ethan Allen was a farmer

He did fight in the american revolution

He was a farmer,businessman,philoper,writer,and polition

Sites I used and

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Hour Of Code Reflection

I did the Minecraft hour of code. I learned that you have to really think about how to get Alex or Steve to the thing your trying to get.