Minecraft is a game where you can go caving, defeat the ender dragon etc. You can either play in survival or creative. In creative you are open to every block and you are also able to fly. In survival you spawn with nothing and you have to find stuff your self. To start off you should probably get some wood and make your self simple wooden tools. Before night falls make you a small house and make your self a bed. When night does fall sleep through the night to avoid zombies and skelatons and creepers. You should probably go mining soon and get some stone tools then make a furnace get some iron and  smelt it then make some iron tools. After that you can start on the big stuff.

Animal Jam

Animal jam is a really cool game where you get to choose a animal and decorate a den. There also toys like so far there is series 1 the treasure chest series and series 2.There are also play sets like the fancy fox den. Series 1 the toys come in a little log cabin. The treasure chest series toys come in you guessed it a treasure chest. The new series which is series 2 comes in an igloo. One day you should play animal jam its really fun.

Spring Break

Spring break is March 13 through March 17.So that means there’s no school for one week.To me it feels like a 5 day weekend.Because when its the weekend there’s no school and when it’s spring break there’s no school.I hope you have a good spring break.

Shopkins Season 7

Shopkins season 7 is the new line of shopkins!There is season 1,season 2,season 3,season 4,season 5,happy places,season 6,happy places season 2,and now season 7 yea.So of coarse they are gonna make some new shoppie dolls and that is exactly what Moose Toys did.The new shoppie dolls look so cool!!!!So before I go to far let me tell you the theme of season 7.The theme for season 7 is party.The 12 packs have 10 shopkins visible and 2 hidden and instead of baskets or something like that they have lanterns because some parties have lanterns hanging.On the lanterns there is a pink thing that you you can connect your lanterns.In the 5 pack you can see 4 visible and one is hidden and you also get a lantern in it to.In the 2 pack it is not a basket that the shopkins are in they are in a gift box you will get a purple and a pink gift box.And last but not least they made new playsets.I think the new season is really great.

Benchmark Story

I have many hobbies like roller skating and playing basketball but my favorite hobby is drawing.First thing is for me to make it neat.For example if I was drawing not neat it wouldn’t look good.Second thing is for me to make it colorful.If I were to make something not colorful it wouldn’t look so good.I know for a fact that if your doing something for a grade you will get points off for not coloring it.The last thing is for me to get better at drawing.The better you at drawing the better you will be in the future.For example I try to get better at drawing by practicing every day.I hope you can use what im saying to help you with drawing.

Going Bowling

I went to a birthday party at the bowling alley for a boy and he was turning 3.I won by 1 point.After he opened presents and we ate cake we went into the arcade.I played this racing car game and my mom played skee-ball.Before we left I got 2 things out of a gumball machine.now i,m just at home.