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9-11 Reflections

Photo Credit :                                      I learned from 9 – 11 that it was a very sad time and alot of inocite people died for no reason . After the planes crashed into the 2 twin towers minutes later they colapsed to the ground. while that was happening 2 other planes had been hijacked and one of them crashed into the pentagon but luckily they were remodeleing the side it crashed into so only 6 people died. The next plane crashed into pencilvania really deep into the ground. What happened was some one hijacked the plane and it was going to either crash into the white house or our state capital but the people on the plane became hero’s because the formed a group and stopped the hijackers from crashing into washington some where instead it crashed into pencilvania in a field and it went really far down into the ground. After they took away all the ruble from the twin towers falling the built a memorial that every one can go see in New york. It looks like a big square with water coming out of it. It also has the names of  all the police officers and fire  fighters who died on that very sad sad day. 

Life in Fifth Grade

Life in fifth grade is different from Forth grade. You have five classes or periods. Like math,science,language arts,etc,we also have a new one which is history.This is also the last year we are able to have recess. It’s so cool because it’s the first year from pre-kae to 5th that we have actually had a hole class for science.Also one thing that’s different is in the mornings sometimes we will have hall meetings and the teachers tell us like if there’s a teacher filling in for another teacher and what there name is and other things like tortorials and other stuff. Something else that’s new is two of the teachers teach math one has a math the other teaches math and some thing else i forgot .What i’m looking forward to is learning  more about life science in science class. I’m also looking forward to learning how to divide two digit numbers in math class. I am also looking forward to learning more about our state Texas history which we will learn in  history class. I am really looking forward to us going to the library every two weeks even though we have already started that and it’s great. Last but not least the last  thing i’m looking forward to is going to computer lab every Wensday because I love working on computers in computer lab.